Catalogue-free, AI powered marketplace.

Connecting Users with their favourite brands, products and services.


Founded in 2018, Advanced Planet Co. has been developing technology to connect Users directly with business and services of which they are consuming on daily basis in order to alleviate time wasting hassle which interferes with the more important things in life. We have been piling up learnings on how to connect fragmented Users data collected from various sources in order to far and beyond Consumer needs and expectations, w/o need to explore catalogues and service listings.

Our Vision

To deliver a catalogue and hassle free AI powered consumer shopping experience across CIS, US, Middle East, Europe, and South East Asia by 2025.

In the age when Consumer data become a commodity, we have taken a different approach. We enable Consumers to “leap to” their favourite places to unlock 1:1 offers and necessary information on demand from hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, and brands etc. in the particular area. Likewise, we help our partners to personalise their offers and content both in the app and when they return to their websites. We use AI to remove catalogues and hassle in the booking and shopping, bringing completely new experience to millions of Users.

Our Mission

Anyone anytime can LEAP to a favourite place to explore direct offers from favourite brands, products and services matching interests and lifestyle swiftly.
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LeapMe Team

Our team is an experienced crew of dedicated professionals who are committed to transforming the retail shopping experiences using emerging technologies — We have the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver on our grand vision and pride ourselves on doing the right thing instead of the easy thing by finding the best solution to any problem at hand……for us a problem is a mere solution in disguise.

Barry Roach

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Co-Founder

Duncan Mills


Dimitri Fostiropulos

CEO. Co-Founder

Vitaly Krassavskiy

Business modeling, talent search. Co-Founder

Aljaž Primec

CFO. Co-Founder

Evgeny Delos

Member of the Board of Directors. Executive Officer

Ravshan Ibragimov

Head of Representative Office in Central Asia

George Erman

Chief Technology Officer

Georgiy Yakunin

Android developer

Anastasia Pantuhova

UX/UI designer

Sergey Forostyany

Full stack developer